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Who is Online NZ?

Arrow-Down-Animated-Big-Idea-MastermindWHO IS ONLINE NZ?

Online NZ is a NZ privately owned Company with branches in Auckland, Wellington, Marlborough and Christchurch and still growing. We specialise in developing and expanding our client’s online side of their business.



Over the past few years we have seen dramatic changes in the way the major search engines direct traffic to websites.

They have become more “human” in an attempt to predict more precisely what it is that a viewer is trying to find. This has meant that the old days of merely stuffing a website with keywords no longer gives the same results. They have integrated many more rules (algarythms) which have penalised most websites so they no longer enjoy the amount of “free traffic” they used to.


To explain this more simply, imagine the Internet as a highway. Along the edge of this highway is a large row of trees. Most  websites are now hidden behind this row of trees so traffic merely passes them by without seeing them.

Online NZ design modern websites so they are built directly on this highway, away from the rows of trees. (we call these sites “optimised”)

We then place a large sign beside this business and build an attractive pathway to it. (we call this “Internet


 We are able to do this by creating an “association” with OnlineNZ as we incorporate our client’s site into our own Internet Marketing System that has been developed over the past five years. In most cases, it is not expensive and usually costs around $10 per week and this system alone is GUARANTEED to double your existing traffic, in addition to increasing your world wide popularity (Alexa Rank).

In most cases our client’s return great results, often on the first page of google for their targeted keywords or phrases. Most SEO companies will charge many thousands of dollars and merely deliver the same results, some even less.

To survive business in the 21st century, you must dedicate a lot more time and effort in developing and marketing the online side of your business or you will be driven out by your competitors over time.


MOST “web designers/developers” think they know how to build your website on the “highway”, but they don’t! Even less of them know how to cost effectively build a path to your business and place signs directing your potential clients to your door. In most cases I relate it to having expensive signwriting done on your motor vehicle and then locking it in your garage … or building a new shop and forgetting to put doors and windows on it.


Online NZ can achieve outstanding results because we keep ahead of the trends and we focus on these main things:

You need more targetted internet traffic. Your website needs to be found easily.

The results below show how well google “favours” our work and we feature well in the results as a worldwide

“authority” on many topics.

“how do I get my website found online?” we are on Page#1 from 1.3 million results! “how do I get more website traffic?” we are on Page #1 from over one BILLION results.


We have helped hundreds of businesses develop and expand their online side of their business over many years and they have provided us with glaring testimonials in regard to both our service and their individual results.


Here are a few case studies which give a good indication of how our promotional programme has worked for them:


COMPANY & WEBSITE address                                  GOOGLE                  ALEXA (B4/after)     DAILY VISITS (B4/after)


KAITOKE COUNTRY GARDENS in Upper Hutt wedding-venue-wellington.co.nz Page1 20 mill/3 mill


GATEWAY MOTEL in Picton gatewaypicton.co.nz Page1 16 mill/1.2 mill


QUALITY HOTEL in Marlborough qualityhotelmarlborough.co.nz Page1 20 mill/900k              26/1960
MEMORY PHOTOGRAPHY in Auckland memoryphotography.co.nz Page1 18 mill/1.2 mill


STEMS FROM HOME a childcare centre in Auckland child-care-home-east-auckland.co.nz Page2 20 mill/3.5 mill


KIWILODGE in Cebu, Phillippines kiwilodge.org Page1 20 mill/4.5 mill


ALPINE MOTEL in Blenheim alpinemotelblenheim.co.nz Page2 26 mill/2.6 mill


COOL N FUNKY CLOTHES FOR KIDS in Auckland coolnfunky.com Page1 unranked/803k


SHIRLEY JARDEN Celebrant in Paraparaumu weddings4u.co.nz Page1 unranked/296k


DUNCANNON BACKPACKERS in Marlborough duncannon.co.nz Page1 26 mill/7 mill


ESSENTIALLY ASIAN online store in Marlborough alphaandomega.co.nz Page1 18 mill/301k


PARR & ASSOCIATES business consultancy – Global parrandassociates.co.nz Page1 2 mill/652k


TONI GIBSON – rising star in Paraparaumu tonigibson.co.nz Page1 unranked/2.4 mill





We have helped hundreds of clients achieve success with their online marketing! We are not expensive!

We GUARANTEE our results!

We give good sound practical advice!

We are the only NZ Company to offer this kind of marketing that is successful! We understand our client’s needs!

We sincerely want to help you!

To contact a Representative in your area Please click here:

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