Jan 26

"Website Traffic"

Kiwilodge Hotel Cebu PhilippinesI have just finished installing a WordPress Blog page for a client (Kiwilodge Hotel) and I installed a traffic counter to measure the effects. It’s like a tap, honestly as soon as that blog is detected, traffics starts.

If you look at the top of the image to the left I have circled the traffic bar which has indicated a sudden flow of traffic as soon as the first two blogs were written.

What is Website Traffic? I have to answer this as I was asked this by a client recently and it made me aware that business owners are total experts in Flower Arranging or Repairing a Car but not necessarily au fait with website jargon or a turn of phrase associated with the internet. Put simply its like traffic past your physical business, it’s traffic going through your door and if your website is not designed to stop that traffic, your missing out.

This week I was going to write about the differences between an Old style website and a New style website but as this jumped up at me I started on this article.

Traffic is one of the hardest things to initiate, and the old days of a couple of keywords and hey presto! are long gone. Long tailed keywords and a plethora of new tactics are required and dont forget Social Media, to be honest I hate it but if you want your website to work for you it’s one of the must haves these days.

Now the biggest and fastest  traffic generator by far after SEO  is a blog, Blogs are one of the greatest tools to communicate with your customers, and when you combine it with Social Media it’s explosive. I know your thinking, what a pain to have to sit down and physically write 400 words about something every week……. Look you can use it to explain the latest widget for your boat or the most fantastic weedeater just arrived on the market.

What I am writing about this week is to try and explain to you what is required these days to get your website working. Everyone has a website but is it working?

Try to think of your website as a tool and not as something you don’t really want but everyone has one, websites require maintenance and if your going to spend a little on it, get it working for you.

If your considering a Website update or would like more info on blogs and getting your website working contact us here. Dont forget we can attach a blog to your existing website very cheaply and give you full training. Cheers!

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