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Nov 06

Google Search Engine Algorithm Explained


Many thanks to PPC blog for this… If you wish to download just right click the image and select “Save image as”  

Oct 28

Why do Businesses in NZ have no Company Website?

NZ business company website

We don’t know the answer but alarming statistics have come to light with a survey commissioned by MYOB and undertaken by Colmar Brunton. Why are New Zealand businesses not embracing technology? It is a question we would like to know as well, we already know the benefits of trading online with ourshopping.net and onlinenz.net sites. …

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Oct 21

What is the Best Website Style for me ?- How much should I be Spending?

What type of website?

Oh boy,can of worms here! the choices are endless….No not really. Like anything a website needs a plan and you can either sit down and rough it out on paper or use a computer mind map,(which take me too long to learn how to use properly) or just use an excell file to map it …

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Oct 21

Website URL's - You can't sell a secret!

Website Promotion

Good heavens another really, really crappy weekend, never mind we are heading toward summer, I only hope we get one this year. The boat trailer rebuild is finished and I want to get fishing! Ok on with the show…. Today I want to showcase a little about the branding aspect of your company name and …

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