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Feb 06

Who is Online NZ?


WHO IS ONLINE NZ? Online NZ is a NZ privately owned Company with branches in Auckland, Wellington, Marlborough and Christchurch and still growing. We specialise in developing and expanding our client’s online side of their business.  Online NZ specialises in: WEBSITE DESIGN WEBSITE HOSTING INTERNET MARKETING SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION ONLINE STORE CREATION.  ABOUT ONLINE NZ? Over …

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Nov 12

Migrating a Website, or Moving a Website to New Hosting

Online NZ transfer-new-server

There a few things that need to be taken care of before moving a website, the first thing you must not do is cancel the old hosting account,you must wait until everything is up and running perfectly before cancelling your old Hosting account. There will be downtime on your site, ranging from 12 to 72 …

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Oct 28

Why do Businesses in NZ have no Company Website?

NZ business company website

We don’t know the answer but alarming statistics have come to light with a survey commissioned by MYOB and undertaken by Colmar Brunton. Why are New Zealand businesses not embracing technology? It is a question we would like to know as well, we already know the benefits of trading online with and sites. …

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Oct 21

What is the Best Website Style for me ?- How much should I be Spending?

What type of website?

Oh boy,can of worms here! the choices are endless….No not really. Like anything a website needs a plan and you can either sit down and rough it out on paper or use a computer mind map,(which take me too long to learn how to use properly) or just use an excell file to map it …

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Oct 16

7 Reasons a Website Audit is Important

Website Audit

Before I start on the 7 reasons a website audit is important, I wanted to bring home to the average business website owner, the importance of having your website not only looking good on the outside, but totally functional on the inside and able to function as it should. Many website owners are perplexed as …

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Oct 07

QR Codes - 11 Creative ways to use them.

QR Code Our

Well we are finally starting to see more and more QR codes appearing everywhere and they are the latest thing in information. In Korea and Japan they are in the Subways, Shop windows and Newspaper advertisements. QR codes can be used in many imaginative ways, and it’s a matter of getting your head around the …

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Oct 02

Websites in Auckland.


To get any information about websites in Auckland is almost impossible. Websites are information about your business. When you’re driving around Auckland , isn’t amazing how many businesses have websites but have no reference to them on signs or on vehicles or on stationary. There are so many ways you can access information about what a business …

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