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Apr 04

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Why Learn Difficult programming codes when (CMS) Content Management Systems are freely available? There are many opinions on the subject, as Web Content Management Systems become more popular on the scene, but it is now easier to administer Web pages with little or no knowledge of HTM so the website owner can …

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Nov 03

Never Judge a Website by it’s cover – Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Website SEO

Google whether we like it or not is the Internet King, most people think Google is a Search Engine, well maybe so but they are really the largest advertising company in the world and this is why website SEO is important.. So when someone makes a website, they have to follow rules, think of it …

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Oct 21

What is the Best Website Style for me ?- How much should I be Spending?

What type of website?

Oh boy,can of worms here! the choices are endless….No not really. Like anything a website needs a plan and you can either sit down and rough it out on paper or use a computer mind map,(which take me too long to learn how to use properly) or just use an excell file to map it …

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