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Who is Online NZ?

Arrow-Down-Animated-Big-Idea-MastermindWHO IS ONLINE NZ?

Online NZ is a NZ privately owned Company with branches in Auckland, Wellington, Marlborough and Christchurch and still growing. We specialise in developing and expanding our client’s online side of their business.



Over the past few years we have seen dramatic changes in the way the major search engines direct traffic to websites.

They have become more “human” in an attempt to predict more precisely what it is that a viewer is trying to find. This has meant that the old days of merely stuffing a website with keywords no longer gives the same results. They have integrated many more rules (algarythms) which have penalised most websites so they no longer enjoy the amount of “free traffic” they used to.


To explain this more simply, imagine the Internet as a highway. Along the edge of this highway is a large row of trees. Most  websites are now hidden behind this row of trees so traffic merely passes them by without seeing them.

Online NZ design modern websites so they are built directly on this highway, away from the rows of trees. (we call these sites “optimised”)

We then place a large sign beside this business and build an attractive pathway to it. (we call this “Internet


 We are able to do this by creating an “association” with OnlineNZ as we incorporate our client’s site into our own Internet Marketing System that has been developed over the past five years. In most cases, it is not expensive and usually costs around $10 per week and this system alone is GUARANTEED to double your existing traffic, in addition to increasing your world wide popularity (Alexa Rank).

In most cases our client’s return great results, often on the first page of google for their targeted keywords or phrases. Most SEO companies will charge many thousands of dollars and merely deliver the same results, some even less.

To survive business in the 21st century, you must dedicate a lot more time and effort in developing and marketing the online side of your business or you will be driven out by your competitors over time.


MOST “web designers/developers” think they know how to build your website on the “highway”, but they don’t! Even less of them know how to cost effectively build a path to your business and place signs directing your potential clients to your door. In most cases I relate it to having expensive signwriting done on your motor vehicle and then locking it in your garage … or building a new shop and forgetting to put doors and windows on it.


Online NZ can achieve outstanding results because we keep ahead of the trends and we focus on these main things:

You need more targetted internet traffic. Your website needs to be found easily.

The results below show how well google “favours” our work and we feature well in the results as a worldwide

“authority” on many topics.

“how do I get my website found online?” we are on Page#1 from 1.3 million results! “how do I get more website traffic?” we are on Page #1 from over one BILLION results.


We have helped hundreds of businesses develop and expand their online side of their business over many years and they have provided us with glaring testimonials in regard to both our service and their individual results.


Here are a few case studies which give a good indication of how our promotional programme has worked for them:


COMPANY & WEBSITE address                                  GOOGLE                  ALEXA (B4/after)     DAILY VISITS (B4/after)


KAITOKE COUNTRY GARDENS in Upper Hutt wedding-venue-wellington.co.nz Page1 20 mill/3 mill


GATEWAY MOTEL in Picton gatewaypicton.co.nz Page1 16 mill/1.2 mill


QUALITY HOTEL in Marlborough qualityhotelmarlborough.co.nz Page1 20 mill/900k              26/1960
MEMORY PHOTOGRAPHY in Auckland memoryphotography.co.nz Page1 18 mill/1.2 mill


STEMS FROM HOME a childcare centre in Auckland child-care-home-east-auckland.co.nz Page2 20 mill/3.5 mill


KIWILODGE in Cebu, Phillippines kiwilodge.org Page1 20 mill/4.5 mill


ALPINE MOTEL in Blenheim alpinemotelblenheim.co.nz Page2 26 mill/2.6 mill


COOL N FUNKY CLOTHES FOR KIDS in Auckland coolnfunky.com Page1 unranked/803k


SHIRLEY JARDEN Celebrant in Paraparaumu weddings4u.co.nz Page1 unranked/296k


DUNCANNON BACKPACKERS in Marlborough duncannon.co.nz Page1 26 mill/7 mill


ESSENTIALLY ASIAN online store in Marlborough alphaandomega.co.nz Page1 18 mill/301k


PARR & ASSOCIATES business consultancy – Global parrandassociates.co.nz Page1 2 mill/652k


TONI GIBSON – rising star in Paraparaumu tonigibson.co.nz Page1 unranked/2.4 mill





We have helped hundreds of clients achieve success with their online marketing! We are not expensive!

We GUARANTEE our results!

We give good sound practical advice!

We are the only NZ Company to offer this kind of marketing that is successful! We understand our client’s needs!

We sincerely want to help you!

To contact a Representative in your area Please click here:

Jan 30

The Magic Triangle

Magic TriangleI have been involved with affiliate marketing for the past 9 years now and I have learnt a lot. Affiliate marketers get a commission for selling other peoples products.

Affiliate marketers are the most resourceful,  adventurous,  enterprising, and talented group I have ever met on the internet, I have met some great people and some scallywags but generally very hard working and have to just think their way to success.

So I worked out that even though I hated social media with a passion, other people did not. Social media will evolve and change but as long as the internet is around there will be one social medium, that is the fashionable one of the day around us. At the moment it’s facebook but there are already indications that the under 20′s now are not interested in facebook and are using Google+  more and others.

So one of the most important ways to start targeting your customers is through social media.

When you get a WordPress blog placed on your website you do two things, you start keeping Mr Google happy and you rise in the rankings and it enables you to tell your customers and there friends and any other people that can be targeted through advertisements, Facebook is excellent for this and cheap as chips and your potential customers can run into the millions through targeted advertising.

Every time you write a blog about this “fantastic widget you have just imported” for your customers, you can post that exact same message to social media to millions of people at very reasonable rates. So the information teaser if you like, flow goes from the blog to prospective buyers through social media to prospective buyers creating a sales funnel back to your website.

 So give serious thought to installing a blog on your site as it is not an expensive exercise and linking it to your various social media sites. I have really only been talking about Facebook but the list is tremendous, even Youtube is now considered to be a fountain of wealth to the serious marketers.

For any advice or help please give us a call here and I’m sure we can help you join hundreds already enjoying our efforts.

Jan 26

"Website Traffic"

Kiwilodge Hotel Cebu PhilippinesI have just finished installing a WordPress Blog page for a client (Kiwilodge Hotel) and I installed a traffic counter to measure the effects. It’s like a tap, honestly as soon as that blog is detected, traffics starts.

If you look at the top of the image to the left I have circled the traffic bar which has indicated a sudden flow of traffic as soon as the first two blogs were written.

What is Website Traffic? I have to answer this as I was asked this by a client recently and it made me aware that business owners are total experts in Flower Arranging or Repairing a Car but not necessarily au fait with website jargon or a turn of phrase associated with the internet. Put simply its like traffic past your physical business, it’s traffic going through your door and if your website is not designed to stop that traffic, your missing out.

This week I was going to write about the differences between an Old style website and a New style website but as this jumped up at me I started on this article.

Traffic is one of the hardest things to initiate, and the old days of a couple of keywords and hey presto! are long gone. Long tailed keywords and a plethora of new tactics are required and dont forget Social Media, to be honest I hate it but if you want your website to work for you it’s one of the must haves these days.

Now the biggest and fastest  traffic generator by far after SEO  is a blog, Blogs are one of the greatest tools to communicate with your customers, and when you combine it with Social Media it’s explosive. I know your thinking, what a pain to have to sit down and physically write 400 words about something every week……. Look you can use it to explain the latest widget for your boat or the most fantastic weedeater just arrived on the market.

What I am writing about this week is to try and explain to you what is required these days to get your website working. Everyone has a website but is it working?

Try to think of your website as a tool and not as something you don’t really want but everyone has one, websites require maintenance and if your going to spend a little on it, get it working for you.

If your considering a Website update or would like more info on blogs and getting your website working contact us here. Dont forget we can attach a blog to your existing website very cheaply and give you full training. Cheers!

Apr 04

How do you generate More Website Traffic?

Article from Bruce (CEO Online NZ)

Firstly my heartfelt thanks for all the contributions and comments we get on this site. (over 1,000 per day) lol
Sadly there are too many to load onto the site along with sorting out the spam comments too but I do assure you they are all read and greatly appreciated.

It is also sad that our usual contributor Dick took ill some months ago and he is taking some well deserved ‘time-out” and I wish him well for a speedy recovery and this is a public note of thanks for his valuable contributions made on this site.
In the meantime, I will try and keep up the great work he started here. (:

I am often asked “how can I get more traffic to my website”?

The first thing you need to do is find out how many page-views you are getting on your website currently and also do a comparison with a few of your competitors to see if they are “stealing all the business from you” (:
There are several online tools you can use for this but my preference is www.getwebsiteworth.com.
Simply type in the URL of the site you want a report on and the site will tell you the number of daily visits your site (or your opposition) is getting, averaged over a three month period. It will also show you the Alexa Rank (world wide ranking) and PR (Pagerank) which is a website score given by Google. This PR is scored on several factors: quality of content, site optimisation, number of backlinks and general “authority” the content provides to viewers. I will cover pagerank and alexa rank in more detail in a subsequent article as it is fairly complex on it’s own.

High “scores” do not necessarily give you a higher search engine result as the search engines are really smart nowadays and their main focus is to direct the viewer to the most relevant pages that contain the information the viewer has asked for in the keywords. In saying that, look at your content on your pages of your website.

Are the keywords you are targeting on the page? A common mistake … make sure those keywords are used between 2-5% of the content. Don’t overdo it as you will be penalised for keyword “stuffing”. You can also get some great “keyword ideas” by using www.adwords/google.com as it will show you what key words and phrases are being searched and offer alternatives as well.

Next … make sure your meta tags have the “same keywords”. Use them as ‘alt tags on images, site title and URL if possible and also in your site description and keyword tags.

Social networking .. As much as we hate it ..lol .. it is necessary! Setup a page on facebook and twitter and place that link on your website … Then ensure you have a social networking “like” button on your site too. This is “gold” nowadays as a “like” is shared among social networking members to their friends as well. Search engines give high favour to them now as they are “human votes” in favour of your site against “spammy links” done the old way as previously mentioned. In addition, your website is promoted amongst a group of friends too. That makes sense to me (:

Visual Appearance and Great Value .. make sure that when you get visitors to your site you have enough compelling information on there that will keep their interest so they will look around your other pages and return again in the future … Also make sure you have content that changes too on your site as it encourages your visitors to return and see what is new.

Now here is a statement that you may find hard to believe. Traffic does not only come from search engines!
I have tested many theories over the years and whilst I am an optimisation specialist, I am also an Internet Marketer. I set myself a goal as a test … I wanted to see if I could gain awesome traffic to one of our websites without totally relying on the search engines … The site has been running for three years and is now getting around 5 million page views a year!!! It now has a great PR of 5 and search engine referrals are only around 2%. It has NO recognised “backlinks” either.
This is an awesome result, but I wouldn’t advise you to “try this at home” lol.
It is mainly based on referrals from other sites, reader referral, site submission and article submission to sites like http://ezines.com/ (ezine articles). If you click on the image to the left, you can see the results. This proves that this form of marketing works well too.

Youtube Videos.. Whilst I don’t use this method a lot myself, it is another great way of generating more website traffic.
Set yourself up a youtube channel and do some presentation videos and don’t forget to use your keywords in the titles and descriptions. It is quite amazing how the search engines give a great deal of favour to youtube videos too.
Here is the secret, if you are a plumber eg, dont use the video to say how good you are .. Instead use it to demonstrate to your viewers on ways to “do-it-yourself” eg “how to change a tap washer”. You will get more views and at the same time get yourself known as “the good guy”

Blogs .. It is now a highly regarded tool for website traffic. Setup a blog section (like this) on your site and submit regular articles (blogs) that are relevant to your viewers and your line of business. Search engines generally index them quite well too nowadays and you should see a lot of referral traffic from other forum type sites as well.
Contribute to other forums and blogs that are high page ranks and where they allow it, place a “back-link” back to your own site.

Timing .. sadly all this does not happen overnight. It takes hard and consistent planning and work to get the best results.
Search Engines generally take a year to give your website any true value which is how they avoid sending traffic to a spam site which comes and goes just as quickly. You can speed up the process by ppc (pay per click) advertising as it gives immediate results and are often worth using to get your site “humming” a bit quicker.
I would also highly recommend you get your website built by a specialist as they quite often know ways of getting your website found quicker and easier with site submissions, sitemaps, directory listings, etc.

Marketing: List your website in as many online directories as you can .. most are free eg …  Finda, Yellow, DMOZ.
These are great to get more exposure but avoid the spammy offers that entice you to submit to a zillion directories for one dollar (:  They will get your site penalised as they are usually from spammy “link farms” known to google etc and more often than not, your inbox will be full of junk mail within a week as they target you for advertising. ):
New Zealand clients are strongly advised to get a listing on www.olnz.co.nz as it is truly the “silver bullet” in getting more website traffic. They are offering to at least double your website traffic within 90 days for around $8 per week… GUARANTEED!
The system is unique and it really does work.. How do I know? Because I designed the system.. lol.  It creates a unique “association” with the client’s site and all the “goodies” that olnz have achieved .. eg PR5 (top 0.05% in the world) and high alexa rankings (top 0.02% in the world) are shared with their clients. The site currently gets 22,000 visits a day and additional traffic is generated to your website. They also offer free listings but the value to you is not so great that way.

Offline: You MUST advertise your website where ever possible in your own area. eg on your signage, your stationery and advertisements. This will drive local traffic to your site which is often overlooked.

I trust this has been of value to you and I welcome back again .. We try and share as much useful information as we can





Apr 04

Content Management Systems (CMS)


Why Learn Difficult programming codes when (CMS) Content Management Systems are freely available?

There are many opinions on the subject, as Web Content Management Systems become more popular on the scene, but it is now easier to administer Web pages with little or no knowledge of HTM so the website owner can administer their own content rather than paying high fees to a developer and “live” changes can be made instantly with ease.

What is a Content Management System

Content Management Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are, if you’ve put up a Web page on a free Web page server or ISP you’ve had already had access to a rudimentary content management system.

There are several content managements systems out on the market like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, but in most cases they can be generally quite complex for the website owner to easily master the “back-end“. There are now other options available where you can maintain selected areas of your professionally designed website easily with “front-end” access management.
It is now simple to login and make the changes “live” on your website.

They only require only a little (almost none) knowledge of HTML and you could have a website up and running quickly and painlessly using one of these programmes. Click on the links above and you can see our demo sites we have setup for those wishing to use Joomla or WordPress. In both cases there are thousands of available templates online, a lot of them free, or Online NZ can build a custom one that won’t cost a lot. Joomla and WordPress are our preferred CMS options as they are free programmes, excellent for SEO, have many “add-ons” available and are extremely well supported through community forums and used on millions of websites on the internet.

That being said, what content management system should you use for your new website. One thing to remember is that they will look NO DIFFERENT to a user as they can be set up in exactly the same way.
Neither programme is “better”, they are just “different” and each has it’s own advantage for an end user and/or developer.
I have set up a demo site in each platform for you to compare and at a glance you should see no noticeable difference. You can view them via the links near the bottom of this page.


A great platform if you are just building a blog site or a smaller basic type website with static content pages and simple to use when setting up or editing content.
A WordPress site can easily be compared to driving a car. Compare it to a Mitsubishi Mirage.
It is a great reliable little car for around town driving, getting the groceries, or dropping off the kids to school.
It is just not as suited to more advanced usage like “off-roading” or transporting larger cargo.
In this case you would more likely drive a “Range Rover” that would do all of the above with ease.

  • · JOOMLA

This is the Range Rover of the two CMS website platforms as it has many more options available for a more functional and a more advanced website. It is well supported by OLNZ , in addition to online forums and plenty of “add-ons” are freely available.
With the latest versions, websites created in Joomla are now also fully supported on most smartphones, something to be mindful of as 60% internet users now “surf online” on their mobile device.
Joomla is the most suitable platform to use if you require a more advanced website with more features and the ability to develop further over time.
As the Joomla system is bit more complex to set up, it is advisable to have your Joomla Website set up by a specialist in this field. Maintaining it is really simple for the website owner too after it has been set up.

If you look at both these websites: www.bookair.olnz.co.nz and www.bookairwp.olnz.co.nz you will see they look identical. One was done in Joomla and the other in WordPress as a comparison.
They are just for ‘demo” purposes and from an SEO perspective, the Joomla one had an SEO Score of 97% and the WordPress one had a score of 85%. They were both created in exactly the same way and were “out-of-the-box” setups using our basic level1 Site Optimisation. These can be checked using the “seo for firefox” plug-in. The WordPress site loaded marginally faster but both were excellent in loading time.
Our main website was setup in Joomla ( www.onlinenz.net ) and the “newsletter site” , this one,
( www.onlinenz.net/newsletter ) was done in WordPress. They were chosen to demonstrate the correct platform that should have been used for each site. The “services and products section of this site were setup in Zencart, which is one of our preferred e-commerce platforms which is usually better if you wish to sell products or services online.


Contact us if you would like to know more about a content management system for your website.

Apr 03

Emailing Newsletters to your customers


Working as an Internet Marketer, my job duties touch upon email marketing. I’m quite interested in this subject, that’s why I decided to ask some of my friends (not related to marketing) how they understand the concept of email marketing. Most of them were pretty sure that it concerns the letters that fill in the spam box daily and nightly…

On one hand they are right because, lots of “companies” that attract users with six figure income (and pay not a single cent) use most advanced email marketing techniques, thus undermining the authority of respectable methods.

On the other hand email marketing and mailing spam are absolutely different concepts even though in both cases:

  • email reaches your inbox;
  • both emails may have fatty subjects;
  • emails contain information about specific product or services, either digital or physical.

The first and the most important differentiation of email marketing from spam is the user’s agreement to receive e-mails. When creating a database of email recipients, spammers use any opportunity to get as many addresses as possible. They buy ready-made databases, steal emails, use grabbers to find them wherever they can. As for email marketing, the user gives their permission (to be sent an email) either during registration or when signing up to a website. Without user’s assistance there will be no automatic subscriptions.

The second thing is the quality. Legitimate email newsletters presume that the user will get some interesting and useful information, while spam email can consist of just a single line of text like “Cheap Medicines”. Newsletters are as a rule beautifully arranged, formatted, decorated with nice pictures, videos and lots of other content.

The third thing is personalization. The line “To”: will contain only your address and not a heap of other email addresses. In a legit newsletter you’re either addressed by the name or “Dear Reader”, in spam mail nobody will greet you. Every legitimate newsletter gives an opportunity to unsubscribe, because every self respecting company will not impose its services.

Email Marketing Metrics to Keep an Eye On


If you are running an online business you definitely need to have a newsletter, because it’s a “first defence line” of your products. If you have thousands of subscribers there is a serious possibility that some of them may react positively and obtain your product after reading your newsletter.

When you start a newsletter you need to keep an eye on several metrics that represent success of your online campaign. Let’s have a look at them:

The size of an email database

This amount includes the general number of email addresses from your database. It’s extremely important to grow the amount of subscribers, because it is known that newsletter databases stales with a rate of about 25% per year. Even if it looks like your database number is constant, in fact it’s getting smaller and smaller.

Email newsletter refuse rate

This metric helps to estimate the percentage of people who choose not to get more of your messages by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button. If this value is quite high – usually more than 5% – you should take steps to segment your list based on the demographic principle, according to all parameters that are relevant to your business. This allows you to have more targeted mailing lists and offer much more valuable information to interested subscribers.

The rate of successfully delivered emails

This number shows the amount of you newsletters that actually reached the inboxes of your subscribers. A low level of undelivered letters can indicate of a low level of Sender Score.







Percentage of opens

How many of your letters do people open and read? The more recognizable your company is, the better users treat it and the higher this rate is.

Click-through rate

In email newsletter the CTR shows the amount of people who received your email, opened it and clicked the link. Use this metric to understand how your target audience values your proposal, as well as how well you position the links to your website.

Conversion level of your email campaign

This metric shows the ratio of the letters which converted into target contacts and sales. Use this to compare the current email-campaign with previous periods. A higher percentage of conversion indicates correct targeting and high quality proposal for your audience.

9 Commandments of Email Marketing

Let’s start from the most important information, which is only about email marketing:

  • Send emails only to those users who personally subscribe to the newsletter.
  • You need to include the content which user subscribed to.
  • Be consistent with the frequency of sending emails: 1 day a week, once in two weeks, once in a month, etc, and always stick to it.
  • It’s better to send emails to your customers and users somewhere between 5 PM and 8 PM, on Tuesday to Friday, or on Saturday’s afternoon.
  • To increase productivity, add a message to the top of your e-mail, which says something like this: “To ensure you receive our emails, please add ourname@here.com to your address book.”
  • The field *From* should contain the name of your company or a person responsible for the newsletter. Subscriber has only a few seconds, to decide whether to open the letter or not.
  • Be sure to include two versions of newsletter writing – plain text and HTML-version. If you send an HTML-only version of the letter, 5% of subscribers do not read it.
  • Do not use all caps or multiple exclamation marks in your subject or message body. Doing this will often enable spam filters and your email will not reach the destination.
  • Create subscriptions with different topics. Create a general newsletter and for each section separately. Not all subscribers wish to receive information with the subject they are not interested in.


Apr 03

How to market your website


As we now live in the 21st Century, we have to learn to adapt to new marketing trends.
I have personally been involved in Business Marketing for most of my long working life and I am really amazed at how the world has changed in our everyday lives over recent times. The internet has also changed the way we live. I could probably write a book on this topic, but I will try and keep it brief and to the point. (:

Since the internet gained in popularity, many traditional marketing strategies have become outdated.
Printing Companies have been hit really hard as many businesses have now developed newer strategies to promote their websites and online business instead. Traditional printed publications have declined or shrunk in size over the past ten years. You only need to pick up a recent copy of your local yellow pages book and compare it to what you had in the home ten years ago. I bet it is less than half the size. You no longer have to be Superman to tear a phone book in half (:
Why? … Because:
1. The internet is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing ever devised.
A business would have paid a few thousand dollars some time ago to have a brochure printed which would only get into the hands of a small number of people. The same brochure if turned into a website, for a lot less money, now has the ability to be seen by 4 billion people! Plus it is always up to date, in contrast to a brochure which could date very quickly.
2. As there are now 4 billion internet users online, your target audience is easier to find. In Fact … they Find You!
With the help of search engines, your business can be readily found if your website is set up correctly. We call this SEO (search engine optimisation). But in contrast, there are 600 million websites now online and in a lot of cases you are competing for your slice of the action and nowadays your website may be a lot harder to find as the search engines do what they do best and try and provide users with the most valid website that fulfils their search criteria. This is why nowadays you must avoid “free websites” and using a “mate of a mate” that has built a “few” websites. Your website should now be taken more seriously as it is now plays a crucial role in your overall business marketing. Treat it as such!

Online shops too are slowly replacing the traditional stores we have come to enjoy over many years.
It is understandable though, as rent on commercial premises has become more expensive, staff wages are still climbing and suppliers credit terms have toughened up as well, meaning the smaller players aren’t able to hold the same levels of stock that they used to several years ago. Online Stores, in a nutshell, have lower overheads so they are able to be more competitive and they have a vast audience already looking for your products online. The internet has also levelled the playing field considerably and the smaller businesses can now compete favourably against the “big boys” with a well-structured website. I truly cannot understand in this day and age why a business that sells products still doesn’t sell them online. They are being left behind and in reality retailers are there to make a living surely? They must now start to move with the times. Their competitors are “stealing” their sales. It is easier nowadays and less complex to setup an online shop, than most people think. Sure, you have to add your products, but that takes a mere minute or two to add one. Your online shop would be full in no time if you devoted some time to doing it.
We will see more and more “Online Shopping Centres” around the world crop up and this is usually the safest option for someone considering selling their goods online as the larger online shopping centres have a great flow of “traffic” already. A good example is www.ourshopping.co.nz . You can rent a shop-space for around $25 per week to sell your products in. Compare that to the hundreds of dollars in rent being paid in a traditional shopping centre.

To have a successful online business, there are many things you need to consider:
1: Ensure you have your website built by a SPECIALIST. Too many businesses try and cut cost and go for the cheapest option available. This is dumb. Specialists should know what 473 things google needs (algorythms) to give your website favourable results. If your designer has built less than 30 websites in the last two years, then find one that has. Then ask him/her for some example sites and “test them” for yourself in the search engines before you engage them. This should be paramount in your mind. Pay a bit more and get a website that WILL work for you.
You MUST also ensure your website displays well on a mobile device now. 60% of searches are done online on a smart device. Poorly optimised mobile sites take too long to load, use excessive bandwidth and in the end your customers leaves your site pretty quickly.

2. Your website also needs to be:

  1. Pleasant to look at
  2. Easily navigable
  3. Properly optimised
  4. Designed to gain enquiries
  5. Easily edited by you. CMS (content management systems) can be built cost effectively these days.
  6. Promoted  … I will go further into this below as this is the key to getting more online business.
    Most business owners understandably don’t even know where to start with marketing their website ….

(This is generally not the job of your web designer either as their job is to merely build a website that looks good and functions correctly)




WEBSITE MARKETING – how to “market” and promote your website”

  1. 1.       Search Engine Optimisation
    There are hundreds of “rules” that need to be adhered to and failure to ensure these are done WILL lower your results. The most important part of any website is your CONTENT. Ensure your keywords or phrases are present between 2-5% of the overall content. Ensure you provide GREAT CONTENT on your website and it will get noticed.
    A website that is not properly optimised is like building a shop without windows and a door!
    I would strongly advise you to engage a specialist in this field too.
  2. 2.      Search Engine Marketing
    Little is really known about this term. This is where you need to put in extra time and effort.
    It is merely “marketing your website online”. It is the follow on from SEO and this is like “opening your door” for visitors to enter and find out more about your business.
    To get top results there are several things you need to do (or pay someone to this for you)
    - List your website on MANY local or relevant directories (most are free)
    - Contribute to online Forums, Article and Blog  Websites, where you can link back to your own website.
    (ensure they are relevant to the site you are submitting to as well as being well ranked and popular sites)
    These are called “back-links” that count like a personal vote and the search engines will reward you.
    - Submit your website to the Major Search Engines regularly.
    (these steps will increase your google page-rank (PR) and Alexa Worldwide ranking OVER TIME)

Our site www.onlinenz.net , has taken four years to achieve an incredible PR5 (the top 0.05% of websites in the world) and an Alexa Rank of around 350,000 (top 1% websites worldwide). It is now “well-respected” by the search engines so we now enjoy more “free website traffic” and we willingly “share” our rankings with our clients “by association”.


  1. 3.       Internet Marketing
    This term refers to marketing your website generally “offline”.
    This is how you do it successfully ( of which most businesses overlook)
    - Display your www on ALL stationery, motor vehicles, signs and in advertisements.
    This simple step invites customers to find out more about you and your business.
    - Use QR Codes in your marketing … a 2d bar code system (see more here www.qrcode.olnz.co.nz )

- Setup Social Networking Pages … (eg Facebook, Twitter, etc) …  these are now taken more seriously by the search engines as a “like” from a Social Network Member is considered as a “human vote” in favour of your website and can increase your rankings over time.
- Place compelling “call to action” on your website eg “BUY NOW”, “FREE TRIAL”,  etc

  1. 4.        Email Marketing
    Use creative ways to get visitors to subscribe to your site and keep them up to date with regular newsletters, items of interest or humour, special offers, etc.
    This is a great way to create relationship with your “visitors” and you gain their trust, they are more likely to be converted into your “customers”.
    Once again get your “specialist” to do these for you as they now how to present your content well.

I trust this has been of some value to you and you can always drop me a line on sales@olnz.co.nz if you need any assistance

Bruce Gibson
Online NZ – Website Promotion Specialist


  1. Online NZ is N.Z.’s #1 Internet marketing Company.
  2. We willingly “share” our rankings with our clients by “association” (unique to OLNZ clients)
  3. We do this full-time and know what we are doing because we are specialists.  (:
  4. We guarantee our results
  5. We have assisted many clients develop their online presence.
  6. We get consistent GREAT results for our clients
  7. We are NOT expensive!

Nov 12

Migrating a Website, or Moving a Website to New Hosting

Online NZ transfer-new-serverThere a few things that need to be taken care of before moving a website, the first thing you must not do is cancel the old hosting account,you must wait until everything is up and running perfectly before cancelling your old Hosting account.

There will be downtime on your site, ranging from 12 to 72 hours depending on the size of the site and complexity of databases, however most sites say 95% can be moved within 12 hours.

What I’m about say here should not be used as a guide, I’m merely outlining the process that needs to be undertaken, this is just an overview of what takes place. So don’t try this at home.

There are 5 mains steps either yourself or your webmaster will be doing,( there is a lot of help available via Google and YouTube regarding the transferring of websites, but really it should not be attempted unless you know what your doing.)

1. Do not cancel your old hosting account until you have everything transferred and everything is working properly, give it a few days to make sure.

2. Let’s start with a backup, a total backup of your present site needs to done from your existing cpanel, so log into your cpanel and navigate to the backup page and there are also tools here for backing up MYSQL databases as well.

These backup files are by nature compressed and it is important that you leave these in the compressed state so that the cpanel on the new site will unpack them and distribute to the correct directories.

3. Begin uploading the compressed files to the new server. When you purchased your new hosting package, you would have been sent all details regarding IP addresses and login details required to start the transfer.

4. Make sure the databases are working properly and add all of the relevant users, passwords, and permissions, and then make any necessary edits to system files by logging into the FTP account via the website’s IP address.

5. Changing name servers is all that is left now and this is done by logging into your Domain Registrar Account and you will have been sent the new nameservers which look like this: 


This can take as little as 2 hours to 24 hours for changes to happen, so it’s a matter of patience and when the change is complete, you must fully test and test that everything is working and then when your completely happy and only then is it the right time to cancel your old hosting account.

Ok so now you have a rough idea of what takes place when you change hosting, It’s a little easier changing over to OnlineNZ hosting as I actually emailed Bruce and asked him what is required and his reply was:

1. obtain udai number from client

2. obtain ftp login credentials
3. we pretty well do all the rest for you.
In most cases their emails need resetting up on our server
So there you have it, if you would like cheaper hosting with a marketing package thrown in, please contact us.

We also supply Domain names and renewals at $50 per year. Please contact   dick@olnz.co.nz  for personal attention.


The Author  has had 35 years small business experience in sales and marketing with the last five years devoted to Internet Marketing and now is part of the team at Online NZ To subscribe to our Marketing Blog please click here. We will email you once a week with tips and tweeks you can apply to your own business, and it all helps in todays Marketing and Business  Environment.

Nov 11

All about Website Hosting and 'CloudFlare'

OnlineNZ Hosting with cloudflareOnlinenz Hosting has recently incorporated CloudFlare into its range of services, and is offered at no charge to our hosted clients.
What does CloudFlare do? CloudFlare offers increased loading speeds and Security from the naughty people out there in Internet land.
To see a quick overview of CloudFlare please click here or you can see a  short video explaining why and what it does for websites here.
Currently there are in excess of 350,000 websites worldwide using CloudFlare.
Where CloudFlare really comes to light is when a website is experiencing huge load increases or fluctuating loads putting pressure on bandwidth.
You can also find more about CloudFlare here on their Blog.

At Onlinenz  Hosting we start our hosting packages with our Starter Package, as the name implies its for simple basic websites that don’t use a lot of bandwidth. This package means you can host a website along with our level one marketing included for as little as $1.50/week. Believe me, that’s a good deal.

Bandwidth is what costs in hosting, so if for example you have an Online Shop where you are listing over a thousand images and products, you will need our Professional Hosting Plan which starts at $5 per week.

You will find our hosting rates to be much cheaper than others in NZ due to the fact we have our own dedicated servers and also with CloudFlare it means your Website is online 99.9% of the time, even under load.

Along with our Hosting Packages we offer 3 Marketing levels that we incorporate into the packages to ensure you are going to get traffic.

OnlineNZ Hosting packages CloudFareWhen you ask a Webmaster to design a website, you must make sure he or she is going to do everything they can to get traffic to your website, not all webmasters do this, most give you a great looking site on the front end with little regard to whats going on in the backend where it really counts.

Also you need your hosting to be efficient and up to date, as we are here at OnlineNZ Hosting with new servers and the celebrated CloudFlare.

We also supply Domain names and renewals at $50 per year. Please contact   dick@olnz.co.nz  for personal attention.


The Author  has had 35 years small business experience in sales and marketing with the last five years devoted to Internet Marketing and now is part of the team at Online NZ To subscribe to our Marketing Blog please click here. We will email you once a week with tips and tweeks you can apply to your own business, and it all helps in todays Marketing and Business  Environment.


Nov 06

Google Search Engine Algorithm Explained

Many thanks to PPC blog for this… If you wish to download just right click the image and select “Save image as”

Onlinenz ggogle search explained


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